Class Activities

Identification of common available medicine at every home

Topic: Identification of common available medicine at every home
Time: 30-50 minutes
To identify commonly available medicine at your home or at your hostel room.

Materials identify
• Medicine hunt document; Potential uses of Medicine; Potential harmful effect of medicine.

1. The class will be divided into small groups to search the medicine present at your house and prepare the document as Microsoft word file “medicine hunt” document. Allot 5-10 minutes for this task to search medicine available at home or incase at your room in hostel.  

2. The group members will search individually.

3. Incase, if you unable to find the medicine at home or hostel room then search online medicine you know.

4.After finding the medicine at home/hostel room/online search, take the picture of medicine or download the picture in case search online.

5. After that students will share the pictures with their group members and discuss on which medicine they want to include in the list or want to exclude.

6. Every group member is required to search 2 medicine individually and then lateron compile as one documents.

7. After 15 minutes, the group will prepare one document. Let’s suppose, if 5 members in one group then the group need to prepare the documents contain 10 medicine name (5×2=10).

8. Duplication of medicine identified is not allowed.

9. Once they have prepared the documents, spend 10-15 minutes identifying the answer of the questions given below.

The activity might raise some of the following questions:

  • What is the potential benefits of medicine you find at home/hostel room/search?
  • What is the potential harm of medicine you find at home/hostel room/search?

10. The group will discuss at the end of the following questions or 10-15 minutes

  • “ Why a society leads to take deviant drugs?”
  • Can we able to make a drug free society?

 The group required to discuss together within 10-15 minutes and write down a single answer inside document. Every student must open their mic while discussing the question. The webcam is optional to open during discussion.

11. To facilitate the process, the student can identify the group leader who can moderate the whole activity.

12. The lecturer will monitor each group and will give marks based on communication and performance. The marking is not part of continuous assessment or examination. The marks will determine the winner of this activity and the winner will receive a surprise gift at the end of the semester.

13. The format of the document will be Time new roman, font size 12, 1.5-line space, APA reference format.

14- Marking rubric for class activity has presented below

Marking criteriaExcellent (5)Very good (4)Good (3)Neutral (2)Fair (1)Poor (0)
All students have participated actively during the discussion.      
The students answer their all questions inside the documents.      
Each student identified two medicine.      
Students have a positive attitude during class activity.      
The document prepared well organized with according of required format.      

Credit: Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Aslam