Epistemology and Diabetic Care

Dear researchers, academics, and professionals,

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the upcoming topic title as “Epistemology and Diabetes Care”.
This topic aims to bring together scholars and experts from various disciplines to explore the intersection of epistemology and diabetes care.
We invite you to submit your original research papers and contribute to this intellectually.
Scope and Themes:
The Epistemology and Diabetes Care issue seeks to delve into the philosophical and theoretical aspects of knowledge generation, acquisition, and dissemination in the field of diabetes care.
We encourage submissions that explore the following themes:
Epistemological foundations of diabetes research: Examining the underlying assumptions, methodologies, and paradigms in diabetes care research and their impact on knowledge production.
The role of evidence-based practice: Exploring the use of empirical evidence and its integration with clinical expertise and patient values in diabetes care decision-making.
Patient perspectives and knowledge: Investigating the epistemic role of patients in the management of their own diabetes, including the challenges they face and their contributions to knowledge creation.
Ethics and epistemology in diabetes care: Addressing ethical considerations related to knowledge acquisition, communication, and implementation in the field of diabetes care.
Epistemic injustices in diabetes care: Examining the presence of epistemic biases, inequalities, and injustices in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diabetes.

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